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u kno what? i think i'll take a hint from kate dearest and fill it out anyway. so HAH!

The Application

Your name: Breanne
Age: 14
Location: now? lol in a chair. sitting.
Nickname: Bree
Three facts about you: yo momma, im hungry, and i like to laugh


Band/s: (at least 6) the beatles, black eyed peas, bob marley nd da wailers, linkin park, *even though theyre not bands* Phantom of the Opera Soundtrack, Wicked Soundtrack, Little Shop of Horrors Soundtrack
Food: pizza, grilled chicken ceasar salad, water, steeeeeak
Movie/s: (at least 5) Phantom of the Opera, Rat Race, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, anything Disney lol, LOTR, The Notebook, Dogma, Mean Girls...i have many more dearies
Day of the week: (why?) Saturday, because I wake up knowing I won't see Zebrick's face in the morning.
Vacation Spot: Jamaica- I've been going there since I was two, and it gets better every time
Phrase: sing it child *its my line in my show lmao*
Hot Celeb: lol uhhh...Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Adrien Brody, uhhh...UHH...lol *blankness*
Miniature Golf Course: the one at Boomers, cause it's just about the only one I've been to. and it rocks. that too.
Restaurant: mmm...either Carrabba's, since they have the best bread and lasagna legal in the US, or PF Chang's, for their chinese food is to die for.
Subject: lunch...im dead serious. or maybe art, since we used to do nothing.
Books: (at least 6) agatha christie books, the hp series, LOTR books, Anne Frank and Me, Missing Girls, House of the Scorpion, Go Ask Alice, The Last Book in the Universe..many more
Accent: anything from the UK makes me squeal
Trait in the opposite sex: erm...a sense of humor. even if he's not funny, he should still be able to LAUGH.

Fill in the Blanks

-That mamacita was really scrumptious! I’d really like to garble another one!
-When in doubt give a SHOUT, run ABOUT, and scream like you've got GOUT. OH YEAH!!
-Never again will I stick that finger in that pie. It was horrible!
-Geez. That walk-in closet was a pretty big doofus to me the other day….
-I want to throw a leaping antelope at an armadillo because it would make me giggle.
-Pass the A1 Steak Sauce.
- France is my favorite country!


George W. Bush: lmfao dont get me started....
Education: tis the key to POWER. *knowledge is power, i know what i knoo...*
Drugs/alcohol: they suck. dont do/take em.
Sex before marriage: hm...depends on the guy and if you truly love them or not.
Your opinion of ignorance: it's a sad trait in a person. makes me kinda pity them...
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