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Yowza! (perfect application, guys)

The Application

Your name:Babs!
Age: 14
Location: Florida. (hell yeah!)
Nickname: Well....jolly green giant isn't one of my favorites...
Three facts about you:


Band/s: (at least 6) The Used, The Ramones, Radiohead, Underoath, Green Day, Interpol, The Bassoon Brothers!, Zeppelin, The Stones, Pearl Jam, etc.
Food: salad! greek salad with fetta cheese, grapes, peppers, and sweet and tangy dressing. :D
Movie/s: (at least 5)Holy Grail, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Mrs. Doubtfire (i saw the bloody terrorist! it was a run by fruiting!) Willy Wonka, Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland!
Day of the week: (why?).....Thursday! I get to see Cody and work my fat ass off.
Vacation Spot: Connecticut. Cold, scenery, beautiful forests...*sigh*
Phrase: Stop looking through rose colored glasses
Hot Celeb: Adam Brody...*drool*
Miniature Golf Course: Blockbusters!
Restaurant: Sweet Tomatoes
Subject: Science. It's so fascinating.
Books: (at least 6) House of the Scorpion, True confessions of charlotte doyle, midnight magic, a girl named disaster, the enchanted chocolate pot, Where the red fern grows, etc.
Accent: British!
Trait in the opposite sex: Eyes

Fill in the Blanks

-That llama was really ravishing! I’d really like to ride another one!
-When in doubt Kiss a Trout
-Never again will I pet that cactus. It was horrible!
-Geez. That giant bugger in my nose was a pretty big laugh-magnet to me the other day….
-I want to throw a rancid 10 foot cucumber at Mrs. Shabinksy because revenge is sweet.
-Pass the sour krout
-Ireland is my favorite country!


George W. Bush: Ok, see this is where my fire comes out. I am a Bush fan and PROUD. Although he sent troops into Iraq and there were many deaths, without that action, Saddam would still be in power, torturing innocent Iraqis, and Iraq just had their first election. Guess who made it happen? BUSH. And about the deaths….how can you expect to go to war without there being deaths? Not everyone is going to go around bringing order without getting someone killed. In the Middle East, for the very first time, they are having free elections. Libya used to be run by Syria. Well, NOT ANYMORE. They stood up to them and kicked them out. Guess who made it happen? BUSH. Now, I don’t agree on EVERYTHING that he has to say, but a lot of things I am proud of him for.
Education: It deserves better respect. Without it, there wouldn't be society. So for you low lifes that think school sucks, i hope to see you in 20 years. ha.
Drugs/alcohol:Drink:On special occasions, sure. I don’t really care for alcohol, so I’m not going to get drunk. But I drank it before.
Smoke:NEVER. Somehow, rat poison, lighter fluid, barbecue fuel, and unknown substances aren’t appealing to me.
Sex before marriage:Hmmm. It would really depend on the person. If I loved them so much that I wouldn’t regret it, then maybe. Maybe.
Your opinion of ignorance: GET THE FUCK AWAY!


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hee hee
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