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Since the Kate that is Kate is such a trendsetter...and I like filling out these things...

My Application

Your name: Melissa
Age: 14
Location: Right behind you...
Nickname: Wissa, Shogun
Three facts about you: Play the bassoon, like to write/read, thespian!


Band/s: Lifehouse, Do As Infinity, Evanescence, Linkin Park, 3 Days Grace, From Satellite
Food: chocolate, popcorn, sushi, steak (with worcestershire sauce!), cookie dough
Movie/s: Pay It Forward, Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, Holy Grail, Phantom of the Opera, Mulan
Day of the week: Friday because I get to see all my friends, go to Abby's and help with horses, watch comedy central, and stay up real real late!
Vacation Spot: Colorado. Very pretty in the Rockeys.
Phrase: h'yawp tvai-u mat'l (its russian)
Hot Celeb: Gerry Butler. Accent. Looks. AAH!
Miniature Golf Course: The one my family used to go to before they closed it down *sighnostalgia*
Restaurant: JJ Muggs
Subject: Liturature...yay!
Books: The Wings of a Falcon (OMGREADITYOUIDIOTS!), Flowers for Algernon, Oliver Twitst, Wicked, LotR, Pillars of the Eearth
Accent: Scottish. *meeeeeeeeeeeeeeelt*
Trait in the opposite sex: Funny. No sense of humor and you're lost on me.

Fill in the Blanks

-That alarm clock was really fuzzy! I'd really like to sniff another one!
-When in doubt, read the farging manuel (haha i didn't rhyme!)
-Never again will I lick that copy machine cartridge. It was horrible!
-Geez. That euphonium player was a pretty big earlobe to me the other day….
-I want to throw a dyslexic German at some mother because she named her son Rainbow. (I'm dead serious. Kate knows what I'm talking about)
-Pass the tuba reeds.
-Chulak is my favorite country!


George W. Bush: He's a good man with good intentions. Iraq would be nowhere without him. If you don't like the way he talks, I can come up with many Kerry-isms that are even worse. So SHUT UP and SUPPORT the leader of this (torn by politics) country whether you like him or not! By not supporting him, you are only giving this country more things to rip itself apart about.

Education: It is indeed necessary. Tedious, sometimes boring, and sometimes it all out sucks, but it is needed for life. After all, "Pull up to the second window" shouldn't be the most intelligent thing we say during the day, should it?

Drugs/alcohol: Drugs? Hell no. Tar, lighter fluid and arsenic doesn't sound very tasty. Alcohol? Ok to drink socially. It is clinically proven that a glass of wine a day is good for your heart. However, Scotch on the rocks and a few shots of Whiskey followed by a bottle of Corona shouldn't accompany it.

Sex before marriage: Eeeeeh. I'm Catholic. What can I say? Elope in Vegas if it comes to that.

Miniature Golf: Good times, good times.

Your opinion of ignorance: Depends. Education-wise, I'm tolerent. Regarding other ways such as moral stupidity, I get extremely frustrated by people like that. Read Flowers of Algernon. When you get to Charley's flashbacks, go on and tell me which ignorance makes YOU wanna twitch insanely.



I had gone temporarily albino and it was snowing.

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