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Your name: kaitlin
Age: 13
Location: Coral Springs, Florida
Nickname: Kaii
Three facts about you: i play sports. i like giraffes. my favorite color is green.


Band/s: (at least 6) greenday,aerosmith,linkin park,jimmy eat world,new found glory, no doubt
Food: grilled cheese!
Movie/s: (at least 5) billy madison, happy gilmore, breakfast club, ferris buelers day off, lake placid.
Day of the week: (why?) i like thursday's because i have lacrosse games! =]
Vacation Spot: i heart boston. or ireland cus im irish!
Phrase: si senor!
Hot Celeb: i love adam sandler! mooha
Miniature Golf Course: schminiture-golf course!
Restaurant fat tuesdays
Subject: PE!
Books: (at least 6) i like..wanted, sarah and the naked truth, the notebook, nothing but the truth, desperate lies, i know what you did last summer
Accent: gotta love the irish!!
Trait in the opposite sex: i love legs and hands!(not to sound creepy)

Fill in the Blanks

-That fudge was really good ! I’d really like to eat another one!
-When in doubt stick it out(bonus points if you rhyme)
-Never again will I see that movie. It was horrible!
-Geez. That girl was a pretty big doofus to me the other day….
-I want to throw a green rock at her because i said so.
-Pass the dutch.
-ireland is my favorite country!


George W. Bush: i don't care about him.
Education i am very well educated. I think people don't necessarily always need an education, but it can help you later on in life.
Drugs/alcohol: umm..my family has had bad experiences with drugs, so when i hear about or see people doing them, i get really upset. as for alcohol, i will probably drink when im older, but not to the extent of a health hazaard.
Sex before marriage: it depends. if you love the person, go ahead. just at least wait until you are ready
Miniature Golf: i don't like regular golf, but mini golf is a whole different story.
Your opinion of ignorance: ignorance can be funny at certain times, but there is a time and place for everything.


You MUST have the following:

---2 pictures of yourself. Clear, visual, EVERYTHING. Preferably one face, and one body. (pictures won’t be the main focus of your application, so don’t worry if you didn’t have an excellent picture of yourself)

---2 pictures of total randomness. ‘nuff said.

 isnt it shexy?

 me and my biffle!

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