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Yeah yeah, you told me not to apply. BUT I'M KATE. I like filling things out. So...there. -trys to keep mouse on chair-

The Application

Your name: Kate. Woo.
Age: 14
Location: Florida.
Nickname: Er...Kate? o.O
Three facts about you: I live off of peanut butter, I'm a nut (click click), aaaaaand I like horses. You know you love it.


Band/s: Hoooooooooly crow. I have no idea. x_x Urgh...uhhm...Eh?
Food: Peanut butter, sunflower seeds, chewy bars, and cheez its.
Movie/s: The Stepford Wives, A Mighty Wind, Monty Python: Holy Grail, Star Wars (all of them. woo.), and anything with Jim Carrey. o.o
Day of the week: (why?)
Vacation Spot: Disney World.
Phrase: Merfledooders.
Hot Celeb: Uhm...I dunno. Geere is mmkay, so is Cruise.
Miniature Golf Course: That one I went to with Tuck and Lance. No, I don't know the name of it. I think it was at Boomers.
Restaurant: Steak n' Shake.
Subject: Science, generally. This year it's TECH.
Books: Anything from Agatha Christie. Anything.
Trait in the opposite sex: Funny. MUST BE FUNNY.

Fill in the Blanks

-That cow was really sexy! I’d really like to paint another one (PURPLE. bwuahaha)!
-When in doubt jump in circles and scream I LIKE JOUSTING!
-Never again will I jump over that very pointy pole. It was horrible!
-Geez. That stick up my arse was a pretty big annoyance to me the other day….
-I want to throw a bouncy grahm cracker at norway because they don't have lions OR tigers.
-Pass the non-milk creamer.
-Scotland is my favorite country!


George W. Bush: Well, because of a family joke that NONE of you will get, he will forever remind me of a duck.
Education: Essential.
Drugs/alcohol: Idiotic.
Sex before marriage: Uhm...well, at the rate America is going, it's bound to happen.
Miniature Golf: WOOOOOOOOOOO.
Your opinion of ignorance: Bliss. XD So true, so true.
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